Why Sanford

Founded in 2002, Sanford Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Macon, Georgia.

Because we are an independent agency and represent numerous insurance companies, we are able to shop your coverage in an effort to find the best price on the specific types of insurance that you need.

Additionally, our company offers a multitude of insurance types within personal insurance and commercial insurance. We truly are a one-stop-shop for any insurance need you or your business may have. Due to our independent status and the many types of insurance we offer, Sanford is uniquely positioned to match you with the insurance you require at a great price.

Our team is dedicated to providing clients with unmatched, highly-personalized service. Sanford Insurance is not like the traditional call-center insurance agencies that many people are used to – a real person will answer the phone when you call us and you will speak with a dedicated member of our team who knows you and is committed to helping you. We value integrity and compassion here at Sanford, and our agents strive to find the best solutions for our clients’ insurance needs.

The Sanford Insurance team has several hundred years of collective experience. Many of our agents are from Macon and know the area very well. When you choose to work with Sanford, you will be choosing neighbors who are highly experienced and strive every day to make sure that you get the coverage you need.

The Sea Turtle

When the Sanford Agency was first formed, we were working with captive insurers in the Cayman Islands. The sea turtle is revered and protected in the Cayman Islands similar to the bald eagle here in the United States. Because of our company’s ties to the Caymans, Sanford adopted the sea turtle as its mascot.

Sea turtles are known for their long lifespan – they can live for over 50 years. They are considered to be symbols of patience, wisdom, and endurance. Sanford strives to embody these three traits in the ways that we serve and assist our customers.