Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a mandatory type of coverage for businesses that employ three or more people in the state of Georgia. The purpose of this type of insurance is to cover your employees in the case of a work-related accident. When an employee is injured at work, workers compensation insurance will cover:

These types of policies are especially important for businesses that involve risk and have a physical component to them. However, injuries can occur at any place of work. Office workers can fall down the stairs, trip over wires, or develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing and performing other tasks. Because of this, it’s important for all businesses to have proper workers compensation insurance.

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Other Uses of Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance can be useful in other situations as well. If an employee is killed due to an accident occurring on the job, workers comp can provide death benefits to the deceased’s family.


workers compensation insurance

What Workers Compensation Won’t Pay For

Workers compensation provides adequate protection for your employees. However, there are numerous situations that lead to injuries that are not covered by your workers compensation insurance. These include:

  • Claims made after employment is terminated
  • Independent contractor injuries
  • Injuries at home or off-the-job
  • Injuries resulting from a violation of company policy, such as:
    • Alcohol abuse
    • Illegal drug use
    • Reckless behavior
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries


Workers compensation insurance is a state requirement. The Sanford team has a great deal of experience helping all kinds of businesses find the right type of coverage. We’ll shop your coverage with the companies we represent to find the best deal for you.