Aviation Insurance

Here at Sanford Insurance, not only are we experts in our field, but a few of us are pilots as well! Owning your own plane and enjoying the blue skies in it is truly a wonderful experience. Your plane is an investment and one of your most prized possessions. Let the professionals at Sanford Insurance protect it with the right aviation policy.

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In-Flight Insurance

In-flight insurance covers damages that are sustained by your airplane while it is in flight or in motion. Other types of policies do not typically cover damages that are sustained during the same periods of time that this policy does. Most damages caused to aircraft take place while they are in flight, making in-flight insurance very important.

Ground Risk Hull Insurance (Non-Motion)

When your plane is not in motion and is on the ground, it can still be at risk of sustaining damages. Potential sources of damage for an aircraft that is not in motion include:

  • Collapse of hangar
  • Fires
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Uninsured vehicles & aircrafts
  • Vandalism
aviation insurance

Ground Risk Hull insurance (In Motion)

It is important to understand the specific period of time that ground risk hull insurance in motion covers. It does not cover the plane during flight, including taking off and landing. Instead, it specifically covers an aircraft while it is taxiing before taking off or after successfully landing.

Hangar Insurance

If you own an airplane hangar, your building is responsible for housing many thousands of dollars of equipment. Like other many other types of insurance, hangar insurance brings with it numerous options to meet your needs. Hangar insurance can be particularly important if your hangar is responsible for the storage, repair, or general safekeeping of other people’s aircraft and personal equipment.  Hangar insurance is a type of property insurance that is specific to aviation.

Sanford Insurance can help you find the exact coverage you need for your aircraft or hangar.