Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business owns vehicles, they need to be insured, along with the employees behind the wheel. Vehicles are often an essential aspect of the businesses that use them.

Ideally, your employees are safe, cautious drivers who always follow the rules of the road. However, even if this is the case, accidents do happen. With the amount of time that your employees spend on the road, they are often at more risk than regular, non-commercial drivers. Whether your company handles deliveries, offers a mobile business service, uses its vehicles to promote its services, or simply allows its employees to use company vehicles for business trips, auto insurance is an absolute necessity.

If your business owns vehicles, they need to be insured.

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Commercial auto insurance policies offer numerous types of coverage for you and your employees while you’re operating a company vehicle, including:

commercial auto insurance
  • Auto Liability: Following an accident, if you or the employee driving is sued, you’ll be covered and your company’s assets protected. This aspect of your coverage can also pay for the damages your company vehicle causes to the other party’s vehicle or property.
  • Damage & Collision: If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, your insurance will cover the cost of repairs. Your policy will also protect you against damages caused by the following:
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Some Types of Weather Damage
  • Hired Automobile Coverage: If you or your employees drive rented, borrowed, or hired vehicles, this type of coverage will provide you with adequate liability protection.
  • Medical Payments: Should your company’s driver sustain injuries requiring medical care, your insurance can cover the costs.
  • Non-Owned Automobile Coverage: This type of coverage provides you with liability protection in the event that an employee of yours has to drive his or her personal vehicle for a business purpose.
  • Uninsured Motorist: There are many careless drivers on the road who are uninsured. Without insurance, they aren’t able to pay for the damages they cause. If your company’s vehicle is damaged by someone without insurance, your commercial vehicle insurance can cover it.

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