Life Insurance

When you have a family, the most important thing in your life is protecting them and taking care of them. It’s important to consider what would happen to them if you were to die prematurely. Life insurance is the ultimate preparation for the worst possible circumstances. There are numerous reasons for someone to purchase life insurance. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cover Funeral Expenses: Funerals, burials, and other related costs can be very expensive. Your life insurance can cover these costs.
  • Pay Off Debts: No one wants to leave their family responsible for their debt. The death benefit of a life insurance policy can pay your debts so that your loved ones aren’t left with a financial burden.
  • Provide an Inheritance: Whether you have savings and assets or not, the death benefit of a life insurance policy can serve as a significant inheritance for your heirs.
  • Replace Lost Income: If you have dependents, they will be significantly impacted by the loss of your income when you die. The death benefit serves to replace this lost income and provide for dependent children and spouses.
life insurance

Life insurance is a great way to protect and provide for your loved ones in the event of a tragedy. Call us today at (800) 281-9761.

Term Life

Term Life insurance lasts for a specific period of time, pays the benefit only upon death, and accumulates no cash value. Term Life is usually more affordable and can be a good option for those on a budget. It’s also good for those who only need life insurance for a specific period of time.

Whole Life

Whole Life insurance generally lasts until the death of the insured, although some policies can be paid-up in a specific time period or by age 65. Whole Life insurance accumulates cash value over time that can be borrowed from and paid back. Whole Life can be used for retirement, education funding, wealth accumulation, or the death benefit.

Sanford Insurance can help you find life insurance that best suits your needs and your situation. Because we’re an independent insurance agency, we’ll shop your coverage out in order to find the best fit and the best value.