Sanford TPA

The Sanford Insurance Agency is proud to provide clients with third-party administrator services. We are experienced in handling claims for other insurance carriers, as well as programs for employers and businesses who are self-funded or self-insured.

Our team includes licensed claims adjusters who have years of experience managing health insurance claims, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, and more. As your third party administrator, we can handle the administration of your plan, such as:

Why use a TPA?

If you’re an employer or a business owner, especially of a small to medium size business, you’re probably extremely busy wearing multiple hats for your company. By using a third-party administrator, you will have an expert who can help you manage your claims and control your program costs. TPA’s are able to take this extra task off of your plate and handle all of the associated duties with managing and maintaining your claims.

In addition to being an extra set of eyes watching over your claims and administration of your plan, your TPA can also provide you with expert analysis on what programs would most benefit your company. We offer our services to all employers, both public and private. Our services can be particularly useful to employers who are in an industry that results in a higher number of claims.

The Sanford Company offers a full-service TPA program. This is crucial when searching for a company to handle your claims as we can help you with everything. Our primary goal is to make sure that you and your employees are protected and properly represented.